Repositioning Your Senior Living Community

Repositioning Your Senior Living Community

Developers for senior, assisted and memory care living communities know that the old mantra “if you build it, they will come” is no longer true. There are “must-haves” in every senior living community that increase occupancy and make the communities more appealing to residents and their families. In order to attract and retain residents, those “must-haves” must include health and wellness, dining, technology and transportation services.

Health and Wellness

Mental and physical wellness is big part of daily life in any senior or assisted living community and can include activities contained in a separate fitness center. Communities should adopt a multi-dimensional approach to address not only physical fitness, but each resident’s emotional, environmental, spiritual and intellectual needs. Multi-designated areas or “flex spaces” can be used to house a variety of activities and incorporate multiple programs, including educational and religious activities, and increase the wellness opportunities in communities with limited space.


Culinary options are often limited in senior living communities, and choice and flexibility at mealtime are becoming big trends. Coffee bars and bistro-style selections have increased in popularity in developing senior living communities. Having multiple dining venues in a community gives residents the choice of a casual or more elegant dining environment. Grab-and-go meal options can encourage family members to visit a loved one for a quick meal. A community should also make every effort to effectively address different types of dietary restrictions of its residents.


Internet is included in all new construction of senior and assisted living communities and is being installed in older, existing communities. Wi-Fi, room keycards, dining points-of-sale have also made significant growth in senior communities in recent years. More communities are being outfitted with tablet devices and other touch screen devices that engage and allow residents to connect to friends and family long distance using Skype or other similar platforms. And similar to college meal plans, dining POS allows its members to use a debit-like card payment system to choose how they spend on a monthly basis.


Developing an appealing, comprehensive senior or assisted living community should include providing a way for your members to get out and experience life outside the community. Transportation should include medical transport and family transportation as well as more personalized options like on-community parking.

These are just some of the “must-have” preferences of today and tomorrow’s senior and assisted community residents. Find out how PinPoint Commercials is incorporating all of these essentials into our new senior housing projects.