Top Benefits of Build to Suit Development

Top Benefits of Build to Suit Development

Booming real estate markets throughout the U.S. have made commercial and industrial office space harder and harder to find. Build-to-suit construction is proving to be a cost-effective and less risky means of providing companies with much-needed space.

Located next to Houston’s Hobby Airport and developed by PinPoint Commercial, the Hobby Business Center (pictured above) offers build-to-suit design for tenants who require as much as 1,000,000 square feet or as little as 20,000 square feet.

PinPoint Commercial has developed or is in the process of developing over 575 acres of land across Houston, including Woodmill Creek, Satsuma Station Industrial Park, Port Central Industrial Park, and Hobby Business Center. The scope and strategic location of these land developments allows PinPoint Commerical to offer cost-effective build-to-suit improvements to tenants with complex warehousing or office space needs.

What Is Build-to-Suit?

Build-to-suit describes a development that has been planned and constructed from day one to meet the unique needs of its tenant or “major user.” A build-to-suit building is designed to serve the specific needs of its tenant and, as a long term investment, can reduce operating costs, provide more efficient use of space, and even improve a company’s public image. Additional, unused space in a build-to-suit building may be leased to other tenants or saved for future expansion.

PinPoint Commercial works directly with our clients to make sure the facilities we design and build are suited to meet the current and long-term business goals of each client.

Advantages of Build-to-Suit

The advantages of a build-to-suit development include:

  • Provides the tenant or company the opportunity for input into the design and construction of the building.
  • Allows for the most efficient use of the interior space since it is designed to meet the specific needs of the tenant.
  • Allows the developer to install the latest, most energy efficient and cost-effective systems, including state-of-the-art technology and construction materials, to reduce a property’s operating and occupancy costs.
  • Often means the tenant will have space available to lease to other tenants or for future expansion.

Land Development Services

PinPoint Commercial’s principals have over 25 years of experience in real estate and development, including working as a trusted partner and advisor to clients seeking to design and construct a build-to-suit facility for their company. To learn more about our full range of commercial real estate development services, contact us today.