Senior Housing Technologies

Senior Housing Technologies

PinPoint Commercial is dedicated to utilizing the latest technology in its senior care communities. Staying up to date on modern advancements in senior housing technology ensures residents receive the best possible care. Today’s innovative technology is allowing seniors to enjoy connected, active and purposeful lives.

We recently attended the Aging 2.0 Global Innovation Summit; you can look forward to more innovative additions to the tools PinPoint Commercial utilizes to provide quality senior housing. But we have already led the way in the application of cutting-edge technology in senior community environments.

Tablet Technology for Seniors

PinPoint Commercial was the first to bring Breezie to senior care communities in the United States. Founded in the United Kingdom, Breezie is a service designed to simplify the use of tablets for seniors who may feel confused by the rapidly changing nature of mobile technology. Breezie can be installed on Samsung tablets or computers. Each account comes with two free telephone support service sessions, as well as a library of helpful videos delivered directly to your device. Additional support service sessions are available for purchase.

Users can learn how to send an email or host a video call with their grandchildren, and each lesson is designed for people with little to no experience with the online world or Internet-ready devices. Using simple interfaces, seniors can remain connected to the world.

Breezie can also be set up to give trusted friends, family and caregivers the ability to customize and augment the interface on the owner’s behalf, even if they are miles away. When needed, these “Breezie Partners” can step in and easily make changes or updates, giving the senior more time to connect to the activities and people they enjoy.

Security for Senior Housing Communities

Accushield, another new technology in PinPoint Commercial’s senior housing community, is a sign-in kiosk system that uses photo-recognition to identify professionals that come into contact with residents. The kiosk verifies the identity, qualifications and immunization records of the visitor, while logging the arrival time and duration of the visit. It also ensures each visitors has passed a criminal background check.

Accushield makes the monitoring of third party-vendors who enter a community more automatic and less labor intensive and gives the staff more time to interact with residents. Residents and their families can rest easy knowing that the people entrusted with the care of their loved ones are properly and repeatedly vetted. Accushield can send text alerts when certain vendors come to call and leave, to prevent any hourly padding to medical bills. Accushield’s records can also be a handy tool for documenting expenses for tax purposes.

Leading the Way in Senior Housing Development

As a leader in the senior housing industry, PinPoint Commercial continues to review the latest in senior care technologies and provide feedback to vendors. Time doesn’t stand still when a person chooses to reside in a senior housing community, but with the right technology, residents of senior housing communities can continue to enjoy a connected, active and purposeful life.