Building Senior Living Communities Through Technological Innovation

Building Senior Living Communities Through Technological Innovation

When it comes to quality care in our senior living communities, there’s no substitute for a friendly, professional staff who genuinely cares about and responds quickly to the needs of the residents. But technology is also a crucial component in managing the health and wellness of seniors. As a leading provider of assisted living and memory care, PinPoint Senior Living utilizes cutting-edge technology to help manage the health and safety of the residents in our senior living communities.

Technology Enhanced Fitness Programs

As we age, it’s important to maintain an active lifestyle. Regular physical exercise is proven to lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity, as well as diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise also helps prevent bone mass loss and improves balance, which reduces the risk of falls. Getting together and working out with a group offers social benefits as well. Regular exercise can improve one’s mood, fight depression and stress and, according to some studies, improve certain cognitive functions. Little or no exercise can result in more visits to the doctor and more reliance on drugs to manage health conditions and illnesses. But despite the benefits, seniors are sometimes reluctant to engage in planned and structured physical exercise, especially if it involves mechanical equipment, out of concern for their own safety. They may also worry that exercising on a machine will be too physically demanding.

With this in mind, PinPoint Senior Living trusts HUR exercise equipment for the staff and the residents of our senior living communities. HUR’s exercise pieces are specifically designed for seniors, and use air pressure technology to match the natural movement of body’s muscles. Seniors can begin a lift with a zero starting load. Air pressure, in combination with HUR’s Natural Transmission™ technology, provides resistance in 100g/1kg increments, and adjusts to an individual’s muscular force to reduce the amount of stress placed on their joints, tendons and connective tissues. HUR’s SmartCard system allows seniors to track and record their progress. Before a workout, the user logs onto the system, chooses an exercise program, and begins to exercise at a machine which monitors their performance. An individual’s exercise program updates automatically as he or she reaches their targeted goals.

HUR Exercise Equipment: Specially Designed for Safety

Along with structured physical exercise, regularly programmed physical activities in our communities — fun, social activities that happen to involve physical movement — also provide significant health benefits, and employ technology in increasingly inventive and user-friendly ways. There’s a good chance your grandkids are fans of the Xbox Kinect, an input device for video games that uses a webcam to sense the motions of people playing. Even physically challenged seniors can participate in games like bowling thanks to this technology, which responds to both simple gestures and voice commands.

Safer Senior Living Through Innovative Technology

Our industry is benefiting from recent dramatic advances in sensor technology. We currently provide RFID (radio-frequency identification) bracelets to our residents, which allow them to easily open and lock the doors to their private suites. Wireless call systems in our communities include resident suite motion sensors (for memory care residents) and wireless pendants with easy-to-use buttons that allow a resident to make calls from any location within a community. When a call is placed, the location, type, time and resident’s identity appears on networked computers, staff pagers, and wireless phones to facilitate quick and efficient response. Other safety options for residents include perimeter monitoring for doors and windows and bed exit and chair sensors.

Fully Integrated for Better Care

Each community utilizes digital resident care platforms that integrate health and medical records with touch screen devices, and a telemedicine platform that facilitates instant communication with a doctor. Last, but not least, senior-friendly computers and iPads allow our residents to stay connected with loved ones, as well as health professionals. We offer training for seniors who may be new to computer technology, and occasionally bring in some extra teaching help, such as members of Boy Scout Troop #32.


PinPoint Senior Living

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