Making Public Spaces Better for Seniors

Making Public Spaces Better for Seniors

Living your best life means frequenting the places you love. As baby boomers enter retirement, more senior citizens have time to enjoy local amenities and public spaces. These spaces must accommodate the general population, including seniors. By designing safe, accessible public buildings, senior citizens can experience their city to its fullest.

Getting Around

As seniors age, a variety of physical changes take place. They might require glasses because it’s harder to see. They might need assistance using stairs. Even falling can become much more serious than a scrape or cut.

Getting from point A to point B safely is a top concern for senior citizens. Whether taking a walk or using public transportation, an easy means of getting around is important.

There are several ways designers and construction companies can assist seniors in getting around public spaces including:

  • Adequate signage – Having clear signs with big lettering and short messaging can help seniors understand the surrounding area.
  • Appropriate layouts/designs – Short walks, easy to access entries and simple, straightforward walkways help seniors orient themselves within a public space.
  • Senior-friendly public transit – Designing accessible entry/exit points to buildings helps seniors get in and out of public spaces quickly and easily.
  • Pedestrian safe crossing for traffic – Safe methods of crossing including clear crossing borders, signage and curb entry/exit are important for busy streets.

Staying Safe

Feeling safe is paramount for seniors in a public setting. It’s essential to enforce safety regulations and crime prevention, and also design features to help seniors have a sense of security. Some safety and accessibility features can include:

  • Good lighting – Bright, ample lighting can help seniors easily maneuver hallways and exterior sidewalks. They also illuminate signage so it’s clearer to see.
  • Non-slip surfaces – Providing safe surfaces ensures that seniors can walk or use a wheelchair without injury when entering/exiting a building.
  • Escalators and elevators – These are great options for multi-story buildings so seniors don’t have to climb up flights of stairs.
  • Entry ramps for wheelchairs and walkers – It’s not only lawful, but essential for public buildings to provide accessibility for wheelchairs.

How PinPoint Commercial Can Help

Getting older means getting accustom to a new way of living. So how do you grow in a world that doesn’t change as quickly as you? Let’s make a better world for seniors by building it from the ground up. Learn more about PinPoint Commercial’s work with senior communities and public spaces for the elderly.