Builders First Source

Builders First Source

At PinPoint Commercial, we believe that it takes rich, diverse backgrounds and industry leadership to help our clients succeed.

This is why our team uses a hands-on management approach on every project. And, we deliver precisely executed results through the assembly of the right teams, processes and tools to ensure the success of your project.

The depth and breadth of our personnel offers you experienced resources from support staff to our partners and principals.

Builders FirstSource (BFS - #730 on the Fortune 1000), is a leading supplier and manufacturer of structural and related building products for new residential construction in the United States.

PinPoint Commercial was engaged to develop a new manufacturing and distribution facility for BFS in Conway, SC. PinPoint Commercial took the assignment to another level by implementing a disposition and consolidation plan for BFS in the local market. At the time, BFS was located in two company owned facilities and one leasehold property. PinPoint Commercial assessed the market and managed the disposition of the company owned assets and then coordinated the move-in date for the new facility to coincide with the Leasehold expiration date. PinPoint Commercial selected and negotiated for the new facility site, value engineered the facility to have substantial construction savings and transferred the savings to BFS by adding additional improvements to the project. Upon completion, the efficiencies created through the consolidations and value engineered new facility design not only decreased operating costs but resulted in increased market sales of over 100%.

"PinPoint Commercial has been instrumental in creating substantial cost savings for our company through improved facility design, their superior real estate knowledge and understanding of the development process. They consider our needs first and find solutions to implementing our long-range business objectives."

–Senior Vice President and CFO
Builders FirstSource, Inc

Every developer has a project checklist. What makes PinPoint Commercial unique is the ability to tailor and manage a process that draws on the strength of its personnel. Like many developers, PinPoint Commercial manages all critical phases of the development process in house. What sets PinPoint Commercial apart is the involvement in Pre-development and Post-development services. Our Process includes the following:

  • Pre-Development Activities
    • Project Assistance in Logistics and Consolidation vs. Expansion
    • Assessment and Value Engineering of Current vs. Modified Operational Efficiencies
  • Development Activities
    • Site Identification and Acquisition & Disposition
    • Planning and Due Diligence
    • Financing
    • Construction Management
    • Project Completion
  • Post Development Activities
    • Post Project Communication
    • Modifications to drive future project efficiencies